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We are here to guide you through your professional journey, offering personalized career advice, mentorship, and resources tailored to your interests. 



Ximena Perez

Year: Senior

Nationality: Mexican

Major: BS in Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Professional Experience: Intern at Goldman Sachs (Global Banking and Markets Division focusing on EM Fixed Income).




Daniel Caicedo

Year: Junior

Nationality: Colombian

Major: BS in Computer Science


Professional Experience: Data Science intern at Meta, PM intern at Microsoft & 
Intern at D.E. Shaw


Mentorship Program


Our mentorship program welcomes all freshmen and sophomores, designed to  help you navigate and explore professional opportunities.

You'll be matched with an upperclassman who not only shares your interests but also serves as a valuable resource, ready to share their insights and experiences. This pairing aims to foster a supportive environment, easing the transition into the professional world while aligning with your career ambitions.

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